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HotCoat Powder Coating Color Chart

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Standard Colors

Appliance White

Off White

Gloss White


Satin Black

Semigloss Black

High Gloss Black

Mirror Black

Black Wrinkle

Dk Grey/Battleship

Machine Gray

Bright Red

Ruby Red

Red Wagon

Mirror Red

Chevy Orange


Orange Yellow

Bright Yellow

Mirror Yellow

Lime Green

Medium Green

Mirror Green

Dark Green

JD Green

Olive Drab

Ford Light Blue

Ford Dark Blue

Mirror Blue

Midnight Blue Wrinkle



Dark Purple

Standard Sample Kit
Specialty Colors

Bronze Metallic

Copper Metallic

Grey Metallic

Jeans Metallic

Purple Metallic

Sungold Metallic

Cast Iron

Stamped Steel

Architectural Bronze

Argent Silver

Rally Wheel Silver


Black Tint

Specialty Sample Kit
Iridescent Colors

Black Stardust

Blue Stardust

Iridescent Amber

Iridescent Aquamarine

Iridescent Emerald

Iridescent Indigo

Iridescent Amethyst

Iridescent Sample Kit
Textured Colors

Copper Vein

Gold Vein

Ivory Stucco

Silver Sparkle

Silver Vein

Slate Web

Black Wrinkle

Red Wrinkle

Midnight Blue Wrinkle
High Temp Colors

Factory Grey

Satin Black


Stainless Steel
Hi-Tech Colors

NEW! Starlight Clear

NEW! Starlight Blue

NEW! Starlight Red

NEW! Starlight Purple

Translucent Gold

Anodized Red

Reflective Chrome

Translucent Grape

Translucent Green

Anodized Blue

Semi-Gloss Clear

Super Gloss Clear

Full Gloss Clear

Hi Tech Color Sample Kit

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