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Custom Powder Coating

We wish we could show you more examples of our work but to keep Internet costs in check we can only show a few at a time. Check back every few weeks for new pictures.

Here are a few pictures for you arcade enthusiasts.  
Pinball Glass Holder Side
Pinball Glass Holder Top
I don't know what this part is called but it holds the glass in on a pinball machine. Please drop us a line if you know what its called.

A Big thanks to Jim from Canada for identifying this item. It's called a lockdown bar.
Arcade Control Panel This once rusty control panel now has a new life in a florescent green color. We have also done a few in various Metallic colors as well.
Pinball Rail Several Pinball Rails We applied a gloss black to these pinball rails.
Mark is back in Spain right now but he wanted to show off the valve cover and brackets we did for him. Mark, that's one clean engine!  
Red Valve Cover Fluid Bracket "Hey I recieved your parts. They look amazing. You do excellent work. I got plenty of complements from the show.

Jay didn't like the smooth factory gloss black on his utility racks so we sand blasted and powder coated them a flat wrinkle which looks great with the camouflage. The second picture shows the texture of this type of powder.   ATV Rack powdered with wrinkle finishWrinkle finish close up.
The dryers we did for Larry still look "Excellent!"  
Laundrymat Dryers "I have nine more commercial Laundromat dryer fronts I need powder coated in white. You did 14 of these for me about 5 years ago & they are holding up excellently..."
Don't toss that old lawn furniture even if it has a few scratches and dings. Look what we did with this one!   Old chair.Old chair sand blasted and powder coated green.
The rim on the left is bengal silver and the rim on the right is a matte black.

Bengal Silver Wheel Matte Black Wheel
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