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Custom Powder Coating

We wish we could show you more examples of our work but to keep Internet costs in check we can only show a few at a time. Check back every few weeks for new pictures.

Ceramic was used instead of powder for this header. Notice that the inside of the header is coated as well.

Ceramic coated header. Inside the header.
This airplane control panel was powder coated in color #RAL 7016. For people that like colors not numbers it's a matte finish that is blackish grey. Hmm, maybe we better stick to our day jobs as powder coaters and forget naming colors!  
Aircraft Control Panel.jpg
Instead of using wood Troy thought out of the box and had us powder his metal balasters white. Instead of stairs he now has a conversation piece.   Powder coating example of metal balasters.Example of metal balasters powder coated white.
Thomas was very happy with his valve cover.

Ceramic coated header. Inside the header. "Steve,
I just wanted to let you know I caught up with Jim this morning and picked up my valve cover. I am very impressed with the work you guys did and very happy with the valve cover.

I'll be sending some more work your way in early Spring.

Thanks again,
An rusted and weather beaten Wrought Iron gate brought back to life. Buying this gate new would be very expensive!   Iron Gate
Rob sent us a picture of his bicycle frame after he re-assembled it.   Yellow Bike
Here is a ATV frame using metallic blue.   ATV powder coated blue.
One more frame.   ATV frame.
Here is a before and after of some old car rims.   Before: old rusted red rims.After: Like new red rims.
Here is a Go Kart frame in black.   Go Cart Frame
Yes! You can do car springs! The powder will not chip or crack off. It's hard to tell in the picture but the color is purple.   Car spring powder coating sample
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