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Powder Coating at Powder Perfect
Custom Powder Coating

If you need to ship your item to Powder Perfect please use this page to calculate your shipping cost. Once you have entered the information needed and clicked on the Calculate button, you will be sent to the UPS web site and your cost will be calculated. To get back to Powder Perfect just select the BACK button on your browser.

Please note that the mailing address for Powder Perfect is :
Powder Perfect
c/o Jim Sluder
309 2nd Street
Tonica, Il 61370

Postal Code:  
Postal Code:  
Residential Address:   Yes  No
Package Weight:    
(Except UPS Letter Envelope)
Package Value: $  
Additional Information:   Maximum single package weight: 150 pounds.
Maximum size: 130 inches in length and girth combined.
Maximum length: 108 inches.
Package Dimensions:  
Check here if the package is oversized.
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